Once you have joined the Jane Austen Society of North America via their webpage JASNA.org,you will be assigned to the region that is geographically closest to you as your home region. You will also be able to select membership in up to two other regions in North America if you choose. All three regional memberships will be included in your yearly membership fee. Please allow two to three months for electronic records to be updated. Please contact JASNA membership if you have not received anything from your region(s) or national in this time.

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Region includes members from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. We encourage members to share their ideas for programming with the regional board of directors. Additionally, please contact the board if you would like to volunteer and become more involved with regional activities. We welcome enthusiastic members to help run our region.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.

Learn about JASNA’s national Jane Austen Book Box Program.